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Tenant Advisory Services

Silbert Realty & Management Company “SRM” acts as an extension of your company’s real estate department possessing the resources and a real estate market knowledge second to none. Assessing company locations whether existing or potential new markets is critically important in today's highly competitive retailing environment. Essential factors including year over year existing and new store sales growth, market penetration to capture more of the key consumer dollar and obtaining and enhancing critical mass, must all be carefully evaluated, thereby allowing for greater efficiency in advertising and the use of central corporate resources and back office staff. 

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However, meeting corporate objectives on a timely basis has become even more difficult in today's challenging economic climate requiring a greater deal of coordination, strategic planning and aggressive pursuit of qualified opportunities in the ultra-competitive New Jersey metro area retail environment. Meeting these corporate objectives is where Silbert Realty & Management Company, Inc. is a leader in Tenant Advisory Services bringing to the benefit of its corporate, franchise and regional clientele a thorough understanding of the development process for example new construction, a depth of market knowledge, experience and long-standing relationships with major landlords.

Such factors combined with in-house senior level marketing teams, state-of-the-art software technology, market research and experienced broker insight prove invaluable in your evaluation for expansion, disposition of space and/or re-positioning of store format. To facilitate such critical areas of real estate facilities, SRM will act as an extension of your real estate department, becoming completely responsible to undertake and successfully perform the following broker-consultant functions: 


  • Understand, identify and locate your typical customer. Locate existing stores within Silbert Realty & Management CompanyInc.'s specified geographic territory so as to understand your current market penetration and pinpoint areas that are not being adequately served or are being underserved. Such analysis would entail;  Studying your existing store data to determine the primary and secondary trade areas for customers;

  • Preparing customized demographics that identify the location of the target customer;

  • Comparing that data with existing retail trade areas including competitors, so as to determine the primary markets to penetrate while taking advantage of existing consumer shopping patterns;

  • Identifying the most optimal potential deliverable sites through SRM’s extensive relationships with landlords/developers and brokers to determine optimization as to whether the potential site is an existing retail project, an adaptive reuse of a building, or a ground-up opportunity;

  • Reviewing, assessing and responding to all site submissions from the real estate community;

  • Preparation and dissemination of graphic retailer prototype specifications, offering to area landlords/developers, brokers and municipal consultants including personal presentations of such information at International Council of Shopping Centers conventions, promotion of the retailer’s specifications on our firm's web and Internet providers. Additional market exposure will occur based upon promotional advertisements in both print and social media;

  • Once opportunities are determined to be potentially suitable based upon your criteria, we will prepare, disseminate and completely negotiate all aspects of letters of intent to lease including undertaking all retailer related collateral market data;

  • As applicable during lease negotiation, this firm will provide lease critique comments to our clientele towards the successful conclusion of the pending transaction.

For additional information on our tenant advisory services, please contact Silbert today.

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